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Welcome to
Village's Cost Plus
ViP Memberships

Changing the Landscape of Pharmacy

We have been serving patients for over 20 years in Knoxville as a traditional independent pharmacy but now feel the needs of the community have changed. To address this changing landscape we are adding new ways to serve and care for your whole family! As always, be assured you will receive the same friendly and caring customer service you would expect from us.

PBM'S (Pharmacy Benefits Managers) are killing independent pharmacies. Here quick summary of how. 

Cost Plus Pricing

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No prescription insurance?

Do you have insurance, but have a

high deductible or high copays?

Are you using "Free" discount cards?

You can benefit from cost + pricing with or without having insurance.

Many insurance companies dictate where you can fill your prescriptions, forcing you to stand in long lines or wait days for urgent medications. 


So called "Free" discount cards do come with a hidden price, they can sell your private information. Even when you use their pricing search tools. We will never sell your personal information. 

Cost + pricing is based on the drug's actual cost plus a moderate dispensing fee which covers the cost to dispense the prescription. Unlike the pricing model used by insurance companies, it is a transparent pricing model that passes savings directly to you instead of the insurance prescription benefit managers.

At Village Pharmacy, you are more than just a prescription. 

We want to help you achieve optimal health by offering you more than just pills in a bottle. Our Memberships are design with your health in mind. Included in our memberships are 

We offer 3 different levels of our ViP Memberships.

See which one is right for you.

Contact us today to get signed up!

Our Wellness membership is designed to help you maintain healthy levels of crucial vitamins such as Vitamin D3, K2 and B-12 and support your overall wellness. You can choose between monthly B-12 injections or daily sublingual drops. Also included is bi-annual wellness consults with our pharmacist to help determine what Vitamins and supplements are best for you. Other benefits include Ivermectin treatment, 15% all purchases, free shipping on orders over $100. Click below to join!

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